Short work

I am looking for my best friend
My last confidante

Her smile should be warm and compassionate
Her embrace to be genuine and comforting
She should bristle with the confidence that comes from loving life without the need of the approval of anyone

I want her to sing or play an instrument
With clarity and unfit volume
Even if it is poorly

I want her to drag me to the dance floor because she knows that I hate dancing
But sometimes need the reminder that I love dancing with her

I want her to be an absolute crabby mess before she gets her first cup of coffee in the morning

I want her to be comfortable being vulnerable to me because she inherently knows that I would never take advantage of it
She knows she is always as safe with me as I am with her

I want her to feel safe to express her mind
and her thoughts
and her feelings
and her passions with me

I want her to spread beauty and kindness everywhere she goes to everyone she meets

I want her imagination to be wild
And creative

I want her to be in awe of the beauties of the planet on which we exist
To breathe in the fresh air in satisfaction of the sights we take in together
Be in love with the roads we travel and the wind in her face as we journey together
I want to hold hands with her as we fall asleep watching a movie together

I want her

Oh so much

But above all else

More than anything else in the world

I want to feel as though I deserve such a woman

Because I know that until I do
I will never find her