*taps microphone*

Is this thing on? Oh, good.

It’s been over two years since I’ve written anything here. That, in itself, is a tragedy. A long time ago this was an outlet for me that I use regularly. Unfortunately the calls of social media divided my attention to the point where I would simply condense my thoughts into a few sentences and hope that people got my meaning. This process made me intellectually lazy. In addition, years of dealing with other human beings have nearly depleted my capacity to give a fuck about much of anything.

As this draft is posted I will be downloading my personal information from Facebook and removing my account. I’m doing this for a myriad of reasons, but the one that is most important to me is taking back my online identity. Well, at least partially. But Facebook really screwed their community and I’m tired of taking part in it. I mean apart from being complicit in Russia using their platform to sabotage the 2016 US Presidential Election, to recent allegations of sharing personal messages with other companies to better target advertisements to their users, I’m simply tired of having my trust abused by them.

It’s about to be 2019, so I decided that the best course was to get rid of “Facebook Nicho” and bring it back home. So expect a lot more posting here for a while. I’ve never really been one for New Years’ resolutions, but I think I’m long overdue. And this more is only the first step.

I’ve got a good deal to write about. I mean, I’ve lived during the two most embarrassing years in US history. If nothing else, I can literally write about Trumpsterfire for days on end and never run out of things that would make you shake your head in disbelief. But that’s the easy way out, and hardly original. If you called a random professor of US history at just about any college of note, they can spell out for you exactly how huge of a mistake he is. Cable news (sans Fox News of course) has been making their bones on stories about him nonstop for the past 24 months. Comedians have been thanking the comedic gods for this blessed gift of unending buttfuckery of a White House. My adding to that pile is like putting a cherry on the top of a sundae the size of Mount Rainier. This is not to say that he won’t come up, but more that I have better things to write about.

So I hope that you’ll book mark this place and check back frequently. I have some other news to share in the coming weeks and would love to have you along for the ride.