Oh, I updated the background again. If you’ve ever searched for “raven” on Pintrest or tumblr, you’ve no doubt seen it. Therefore, finding its original artist has proven to be rather difficult. If anyone knows, hit the comment section.
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Unsocial Media

I’ve spent the past week or two trying to find ways of getting out of social media, but not for the reasons that you may expect. I’m tired of having it being so inexorably tangled in my life. I’m tried of being under pressures that, frankly, I shouldn’t have allowed myself to fall prey to in the first place. In short, this stopped being all that fun a while ago and I really should find better ways of keeping up with people who are ostensibly part of my life.

Given that one of my Facebook pet peeves — yes, that’s a thing for some reason — are folks that post grandiose announcements that they’re leaving Facebook, short or long term. It always came off to me like as “Hey! I have a huge goddamn ego and believe that you couldn’t live without my snarky quips about people that I think are less important than I am, and because of that you should be fraught with dread that I’m no longer going to be here! Panic like the sheep you are!” Or, you know, something like that. But something I noticed was exactly how embedded Facebook had become in my like. It’s like a deer tick. There’s a good chance I could poison myself while trying to remove it, and who wants Facebook Lyme’s Disease? I’m told the primary symptom is a blue target rash. Continue reading “Unsocial Media”

Bringing It Back

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Truth be told, there’s been a lot of changes over the past couple of years and I’ve been extremely busy with them. But I miss writing. Good fucking GOD do I miss writing.

So expect a bit more from me. There’s a lot to tell you about. What will make it interesting is trying not to post in a manner which would cause me any undue stress because my personal life was something resembling the North Atlantic in the Winter. So I’ll do my best to be respectful to those who frankly don’t deserve it, but forgive the occasional slip-up if it happens.

Okay, I’ve got a lot to do to get this site back to the way I want it. I’ll keep you posted.